Two Roll Lamination

Profile Printing Line
Double Color Profile Machine

Technical Parameters

Working Width in mm - 300, 760, 1000, 1250 mm
Working Speed - 5-40 mtr/min
Profile/Bpard Thickness - 2-50 mm
Electric Power - 2.25 HP
Dimensions in mm - 2500 x 1550 x 1300 mm
Roll Direction - Two Roll Forward Direction
  • Especially design double roll Coating / lamination machine, double roll gives perfect and uniform lamination which gives hard, glossy and smooth surface finish. It gives far better glossy smooth surface finish, exquisite, saves valuable UV coating material. Double roll coater lamination quality and surface finish is far better than single roll coating, double roll coating machine is running worldwide. UV Material consume in single roll coating machine is more as compare double roll coating machine.
  • Single roll coating / lamination machine is also available if customer wants economical version. UV Material consume in single roll coating machine is more as compare double roll coating machine.
  • This machine is suitable for PVC profile doors, veneer board, plastic extruded sections, wall panel, ceiling panel, foam board, wood, floor, ACB, WPC etc.
  • The feeding speed can be adjusted couple with the coating / laminated speed.
  • Machine equipped with two sets UV lamination roller having abrasive and solvent resistant, application rollers and doctors are controlled independently which enhance the working precision. The coating thickness can be well adjusted.
  • Easy for replacing the lamination / coating roll which is just to disassembly the locking bushing and replaced, time & labour saving. This machine is designed with easy dismantle structure to make convenient clean and maintenance.
  • Safe, convenient & rapid system for UV material recycling and without wastage.
  • Coating / lamination machine is available in various effective width and sizes. We can develop machine as per customer specification apart from below given sizes and application
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