Stretch Film Laminate Machine

Profile Printing Line
UV Curing System

Technical Parameters

Wrapping Width in mm - 300, 800, 1100, 1300 mm
Wrapping Speed - Variable AC Drive
Electric Power - 2.0 HP
Total Machine Length - 15-20 Feet as per Product Length
Air Compressor - 5 Kg Pressure (Buyer’s End)
  • Machine reduces the packing cost as the consumption of stretch film by machine is less as compared to manual lamination by stretch film, cardboard etc.
  • In today scenario availability of manpower is major problem; it saves manpower, packing time and labor cost. Machine can Laminate Stretch Film both sides of Door Panel at the same time.
  • Power consumption is negligible as compared to save in packing time, packing material cost and labor cost.
  • It is observed that in case of manual lamination due to lose lamination, printed and laminated profile get scratched and damaged due to sliding over one another during transportation but this machine overcomes all these problems.
  • System can be made and designed as per customer requirement.
Stretch Film Laminate Machine
Profile Printing Line